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Château Masburel
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Red Wines

Cotes de Bergerac

Chateau Masburel Rouge wines are predominately produced with a Merlot, blended with a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon. Lady/Consul de Masburel Rouge are predominately produced with merlot, blended with a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Consul Masburel Rouge 2008

Deep dark robe with purple reflections. Nose of underwood truffle and red plum. Full bodied, gibted with blended tanins. The final is long, elegant and fruity (rhubarb, plum, red apple)

Consul de Masburel Red 2009

Red dark robe with pumple reflection. Nose of clark cherry and dark berries. Full bodied with beautiful tanins. Delicious and powerful in the mouth, dressed by blackcurrent bud soft pepper and redberries. Fresh final with spicy hints.

Château Masburel Red 2009

Blackcurrent nose with hints of blackberry jam. Round and soft mouth. Mild tanins with strawberry feelings. Cigar box and musky final.

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