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Château Masburel
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Uninterrupted wine making since 1740


Masburel was founded in 1740 by Jean de Sambellie, Consul of Sainte-Foy to King Louis XV of France, used the Masburel site to build a chartreuse – a residential Château. He promptly planted a vineyard, taking advantage of the favourably south-facing, well-drained slopes. The Château remained the residence of top royal administrators up until the French revolution when it became an important winemaking estate. It passed from one owner to another up to and including the last war when the property became the scene of a dangerous fame of hide and seek between the German occupying forces and the resistance. Over the centuries, the vineyard had become established within a particular controlled appellation, Montravel, whose chief function is to produce the top Bergerac wines grand crus.

Château Masburel was bought by Olivia and Neil Donnan in 1997. The main Château was returned to its former glory of exposed stone and elegant courtyard and the winery boasted the most modern equipment. Between 1998 and 2003 over one third of the vineyard was replanted with the best quality of classic grape varieties found in this famous and historic wine growing region of France. In 2008, the Donnan family decided to take a well-earned retirement. The estate was acquired by an Englishman, Julian Robbins, a passionate wine connoisseur, who is determined to perpetuate the Masburel quest for top quality.

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