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Château Masburel
Fougueyrolles 33220 
Ste. Foy la Grande 

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'Award Winning Wines in the South West'

Masburel was founded in 1740 by Jean de Sambellie, Consul of Saint Foy to King XV of France. He promptly planted a vineyard, taking advantage of the favourable south facing well drained slopes. The Château remained the residence of top Royal admistrators up until the French Revolution when it became an important winemaking estate. It passed from one owner to another up to and including the last war when the property became the scene of a dangerous game of hide and seek between the German occupying forces and the Resistance. Over the centuries, the vineyard has become established within a particular controlled appellation, Montravel, whose chief function is to produce the best Bergerac wines. Read more...

          Open every weekday from 9am to 5pm. Weekends and public holidays by appointment.


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